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Herbaceous  Scent  Collection

A family of scents that exude notes of citrus branches, green grass, and garden herbs.

If you love the aromatic scents of sweet basil, pink grapefruit, and freshly cut grass,

these will be your faves!

farmer's garden label.jpg

Farmer's  Garden


 Cut Grass, Freshly Turned Soil, 

Tiny Flowers, and Herbaceous Plantings

The farmer’s garden expands across acres 

of land with lush green beds full of varietal 

fruits, vegetables, and herbs. The air is laden 

with earthy notes from the nutrient rich soil, 

and watery notes from abundant plantings. 

In her mud-covered overalls and bright purple 

tube top, the farmer takes a bite from a tomato 

right off the vine. She delights in the glimmer 

 dancing on wet blades of grass, and settles into

the sun bathed haven of her very own bounty.

fox's grove label.jpg

Fox's  Grove


 Pink Rose, Lemon Grass, 

Camphor, and Earthy Patchouli

Once upon a time, a fox lived in a grove.

His red coat, thick and soft, gave him the 

appearance of youth, no matter how many

years had passed. He ate the freshest of 

fruits, exercised daily on a carpet of wild

flowers, and napped under lemon blossoms 

that infused sweetness into his dreams. It 

is said that he brought luck to the nearby 

village, and longevity was their fortune.

rabbit's hole label.jpg

Rabbit's  Hole


  Clary Sage, Ylang, 

Cannabis, Basil, and Fresh Soil


Little grassy hole in the ground,

where on earth do you lead?

To a safe haven hidden from predators,

to an earthy, cozy place to sleep, or to

meandering paths of existential realities?

Choosing the path of individual freedom, 

the rabbit transcends conformity.

For existence precedes essence.

And the hole is very deep. 

fawn's meadow label.jpg

Fawn's  Meadow


 Grapefruit, Lavender, 

Geranium, and Fir Needle

The late afternoon is the time to 

graze. Young leaves, fresh grasses, and 

soft twigs abound. Trailing its mother, a

spotted fawn steps gently into the meadow. 

Blending with the autumn tones, she takes

a bite from the nearest hanging branch. 

Chirping birds, dashing squirrels, and

jumping grasshoppers share the scene. 

Walking and eating in the plein 

air has never been this good.

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